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This Is The Same Ocean


This is the Same Ocean is in part a themeless journal of contemporary photography curated, edited and published by Samuel J Davison. It’s also an ongoing experiment in print and production methods, and an exercise in money haemorrhaging. Our editorial office is currently located in Berlin but they still think of themselves as a Melbourne-based publication, at least in part.

This is because they work closely – very closely – with Dawn Press, a risograph printing studio in Melbourne, Australia. The man at the helm of the machine, Xavier Connelly, is too modest to tell you himself but what he does he does very well. Dutch graphic designer Marijn Degenaar has been part of the team since issue 5.

The fifth issue features the work of Daniel P. Shea, Samuel J Davison, Ina Niehoff, Brian Kanagaki and Sarah Pannell.

Issue 1 through 3 are long sold out.

These are good too