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Hostings: Ocular Lab, 2003–10


Hostings: Ocular Lab, 2003–10 documents the 8 year history of Ocular Lab Inc., an artist-run initiative that occupied a disused milk bar in West Brunswick, Melbourne. The book features 96 pages of imagery, new essays by Stephen Zagala and Zara Stanhope, and a chronology of ‘the Lab’. Hostings was produced on the occasion of the exhibition Ocular Lab Inc. at the VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, 12 April – 5 May 2012.


The Ocular Lab membership was Damiano Bertoli, Sandra Bridie, Julie Davies, Raafat Ishak, Sean Loughrey, Jonathan Luker, Sally Mannall, Tom Nicholson, Elvis Richardson, and Alex Rizkalla. Previous members include John Abbate, Katherine Huang, Louise Paramor, Kirsten Rann, and Bernhard Sachs.

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