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Animation+ Print by Neil Sanders


Print form the exhibition Animation+ by Neil Sanders (AUS)

Print size – 69.41 x 52.01 cm

Fine art print on cotton rag.

Edition of 25

Animation+ is an animation exhibition showcasing the work of eleven local and international contemporary animators who have a strong personal visual identity.

Exhibiting artists;

Aggelos Papantoniou (AUS)
Atsushi Wada (JPN)
Caleb Wood (USA)
Isobel Knowles (AUS)
Jason Galea (AUS)
Kirsten Lepore (USA)
Mel Roach (AUS)
Neil Sanders (AUS)
Rubber House (AUS)
Sam Ryser (USA)
Taras Hrabowski (USA

Animation + has a particular focus on works that are humorous and/or absurd. Humour and absurdity can create positive, enjoyable associations with the art gallery experience. The exhibition will screen an animation alongside a print from each exhibiting artist. The prints are stills from the screening animations. The prints capture and communicate the enormity of labour and love which go into each and every frame – how each frame can be a work of art in and of itself. The print becomes tangible piece of the animation that can be revisited without the screen.

The animations was screened inside a purpose built installation. The prints are numbered as a limited edition of 25.

Curated by Bec Capp and Nelson Armstrong

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