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ALL, Issue 3


publication and platform focusing on the discussion of gender equality, culture and the arts.

Exploring the notion of inclusivity to ALL, issue three looks at four components of feminism and its role in Australia.

People: We hold open, honest interviews with chosen artists to showcase their works, vulnerabilities, thoughts and musings on the need for change and their understanding of how to do it. Featuring Banoffee, Mac Demarco, Ita Buttrose and Daughter.

Art: Featuring and providing a platform for artists to be seen and heard, we speak to Casey Jenkins, Lalic and Kris Edghill on working within their artistic fields, its relation to feminism and ways of using their materials to create change. Also including photography series from Maya Fuhr and Jessica Gwyneth.

History: Exploring feminist history, we look back on the waves of feminism and ask, where are we now? Dissecting the mistakes that were made within Australian feminist histories and world wide and exploring how we can learn from the past, to create better change in the future.

Unspoken: Feminism has become a tokenistic word in mainstream media. We look at parts of the feminist conversation commonly kept in the dark. Including Domestic Violence, Gender and Queer issues, Self-Love, Women’s absence in art and music and the problem with our current education system and its lack of involvement in the feminist movement.

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