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Cleanskin Cinema #2

CLEANSKIN CINEMA is a not-for-profit event founded on the simple notion that watching film without forewarning of the whole narrative arc (most trailers) allows for greater immersion.

CLEANSKIN CINEMA also allows for local Film Makers to screen films missing from the mainstream media feed paired with cleanskin wine.

This is the second screening of the CLEANSKIN CINEMA series.

HARRY HAYES is our next guest curator.

HARRY HAYES is a Melbourne based Film Maker & Photographer. His recent documentary “You Better Take Cover”, a film about the Men at Work plagiarism case that shocked the nation, was the winner of Best Documentary at St Kilda Film Festival 2016.


6:30pm arrival for a 7pm start.

$10 for entry and a glass of wine

Last session was SOLD OUT – please pre-purchase tickets to secure your seat.

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