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This is How the Grape Becomes Wine

byLoralee Newitt

This is How the Grape Becomes Wine is a mediation on the mysterious chain that links one thing to another in the very human nature of being, becoming and finally became. The grape becomes wine, through processes of learning. It is devoured by, frozen and melted, squeezed by your fingers, and then trodden on by your foot. Throughout these continuous processes we must delve, we must engage, we must ponder and we must let go. This is How the Grape Becomes Wine celebrates the beauty in the small moments of gaining, on our journey to the never quite reached gain.


Loralee Newitt’s practice is absorbed in the way that painting can be utilized to look at what can be represented beyond the use of language. Loralee is equally involved in the boundaries of written word, and the relationship between both mediums. The delicate, intuitively developed works of Loralee’s practice draws upon memory and personal experience, offering an evocative visual space that is suggestive of figuration, whilst simultaneously dissolving into abstraction. The experience is sensuous, luscious, bodily, and emotional.

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