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Tadhana is an exhibition to launch Jean-Paul McAllan’s first photo book of the same title.

McAllan visited the Philippines in early 2016 where he was inspired by the country, people and energy he felt there. McAllan used photography to suspend a part of the spontaneous, bustling life around him. Throughout his trip he created a series of images depicting strange coincidences and serendipitous happenings. These images now form the photo book and exhibition Tadhana.

Hesitant to be associated with a single genre of photography, McAllan shoots surroundings that he finds interesting and which move him emotionally. He believes that his approach to photography has derived from his mixed-heritage and upbringing.

“Being of mixed heritage (Rodrigues Island & Australia), born in USA and raised in Japan and Hong Kong, I grew up experiencing and appreciating a melting pot of cultures. Whilst feeling deeply connected to all countries, I never felt apart of one solely but more truly a mash up of cultural traits from each. I carry a similar view in relation to my photography in the sense that I don’t see my photography as set into one specific genre but rather a union of many different styles.” McAllan says.

McAllan also likes to retain a honest openness to his practice, not photographing to please anyone nor to follow any trends. This authenticity can be seen in his playful and emotive photographs.

“Art creates a dialogue between the external physical world and the inner world of the mind and soul. Historically, every culture created art to communicate insights of life and spirit through their unique world view. Indigenous Australians communicated through rock art and the ancient Egyptians with hieroglyphics. Photography is my chosen method of expressing my personal reality and insights.”

Tadhana is a Filipino (Tagalog) word meaning ‘An invisible force that makes things happen beyond the control of mortals.’ McAllan has used an ancient Filipino Baybayin script to write Tadhana. He sees a resemblance in the four characters with the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, each of which is included in the book in some way.

The majority of images in the book are paired to represent their duality, with similarities in scenes, colours, elements or as opposites. Tadhana is comprised of Street Photography, Landscapes, Portraits and Abstract images.

All images are shot solely with 35mm film cameras.

Tadhana runs from July 28th – August 9th.

Opening night – July 28th, 6pm – 8pm

Supported by Carhartt WIP, Arten & Kirin Australia.

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