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Sister Cities – Pa Tuāhine

byBen Clement

Ben Clement is a photo artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He has strong ties to his homeland in Gisborne, New Zealand (Aotearoa). Ben’s experience spans over fourteen years and his style is recognised across the globe. He believes that personality, experience and knowledge over time has helped define his unique approach and outlook to his photographic practice. Recent publications include Artefact, Karakia, Good Sport Magazine and Fat Brad.


Sister Cities – Pa Tuāhine is an exploration of the connection that Gisborne, Tairawhiti has to its Sister Cities across the globe. This initial iteration of an ongoing series will focus on the landscape, environment, culture and community of three cities; Gisborne, Tairawhiti, Gisborne, Victoria and Melbourne, Victoria. The photographs presented will explore and contrast the cities in an attempt to convey their similarities  and differences, strengthening the audience’s awareness of these connections, their meaningfulness and importance.


Please note that Junior Space will be closed on December 25th. 

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