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Objects of Ideation

Group Show

Objects of Ideation’ is a display of the artists’ perpetual exploration into materiality and process. Spawn from an earlier collaboration exhibition ‘Material. Process. Object’; which explored the physical stream of consciousness and evolution of thinking through material.

‘Objects of Ideation’ displays the further developments, research and spatial response to Junior Space . By creating an interactive display of objects we aim to create an atmosphere that is immersive and stimulating with the intention to trigger sensations of nostalgia and child-like play. The works of each artist connect with elements of colour and abstraction, installed intuitively and cohesively as a group with no segregation of works in order to create a space that reflects the chaotic, visceral style of our creative processes.

As predominately ceramic-based artists’ our intention is to pull away from the predispositions of ceramic exhibitions and methods of display by incorporating a variety of mediums that project this strong sense of play and interactivity. The arrangement of works will be displayed to enhance and unify the installation.

All works and methods of display invite the audience to view our ideation of the objects in an atmosphere that parallels a child’s playground.

Kari Lee McInneny-McRae
Tessy King
Samantha O’Farrell
Niamh Minouge
Caelan Blake

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