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Mutual Abstraction

byHannah Fox and Bec Smith

Does one reside in a place of reason, or a place of intuition? When thinking and feeling, where, on the spectrum of the built environment and the natural environment, does one’s point of view or emotional perspective settle?

Somewhere between the pointed and the fluid. ‘Abstraction’ is the key output from two artists that practice differently, who apply their minds and hearts differently, yet produce a ‘version’ of a moment in time – each have qualities of a thought and a sense. Brought together the artworks harmonise our internal and external worlds in which we live every day. Mutual Abstraction aims to juxtapose their individual collection of works to emphasise the constructed and organic contrasts in their approach to abstraction.


Hannah Fox

Hannah works in a gestural mark-making activity with well-honed expressive instincts to colour, layering and composition. Her collective inspiration is the allure of the nature, the subtleties of the landscape and what is overlooked in the everyday. Her work is an emotional response to the natural world. Rather than depicting the physical truth of a landscape, she aims to express its essence. Hannah draws upon remembered places and images in her mind to create new visual experiences.

As an emerging artist Hannah’s paintings have been selected for national awards and shown in group and solo exhibitions. Her work has also been commissioned and is held in private collections throughout Australia and overseas.


Bec Smith

Bec works with the building blocks of geometry with deep consideration to position, form and dynamic; each arrangement placed with particular intention. Her formal design training shaped her visual output, as well as the particular line of enquiry she follows in order to translate the works. A fascinated interest in the ‘dynamics between things’: what people say and do, time, cause and effect, duality.

Recently Bec has focused on creating bodies of work to exhibit, and had her first sold out solo show in December 2016. Mutual Abstraction marks her second exhibition following a year of commissions.

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