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Let’s Get Together

byLynette Letic

“In 2015, I spent time in a number of small towns west of Brisbane photographing people at community events, social gatherings, dances, and fairs. The project was driven by a desire to venture outside of the capital, for the first time, and photograph strangers. Initially, I was wary of interfering with the events by making pictures, but the people were invariably accommodating and welcome to the idea of having portraits taken at their regular social activities.

What ultimately emerges from the photographs is a picture of community and tradition. As I watched people gather weekly to eat white-bread sandwiches, play bingo and perform choreographed dances together, I noticed the ritual nature of these events and wondered what it means to come together as a group in such a way. Through gathered observations of expressions of community, this project serves to testify the collective endeavour of small town communities to perform and uphold traditions.” – Lynette Letic



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