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Ladies of Leisure Workshops

Group Show

After their debut workshop series in October last year, Melbourne-based creative collective Ladies of Leisure (LOL) are excited to announce their second Ladies of Leisure Workshop Series to be held at Junior Space in Fitzroy from November 22nd to December 5th.

Ladies of Leisure Workshops are a safe place to learn, grow and develop. Inspired by our community, these workshops provide opportunities to learn from a range of speakers in various stages of their careers, across many different industries. The guest speakers and teachers are prolific Melbourne-community members and experts in many areas, including dance, visual arts, literature, well-being, psychology, fashion and social justice. The topics covered are designed to provoke thoughtful discussion and expand our audience’s sphere of knowledge.

To keep these workshops intimate and encourage close discussion, each class will be capped at 25 people. LOL want to be very clear that the workshops are a safe and inclusive space for people of all orientations and identifications. Everyone is welcome.
In addition to the workshops, LOL will also be hosting our very first marketplace with local makers on the weekend of December 2nd – 3rd.


Keeping It Real – Beci Orpin – November 22nd

Dream Baby Dream – Jo Hook – November 23rd

Jill of All Trades – Sarah Booth – November 24th

Carpe DM Your Career – Wendy Syfret & Ingrid Kesa – November 25th

Socially Conscious Careers (Panel) – Loretta Bolotin, Grace Dlabik, Siggi McCarthy, Courtney Sanders – November 26th

Know Your Writes (Panel) – Bobuq Sayed, Rose Donohoe, Madison Griffiths, Annabel Brady-Brown, Tara Kenny – November 27th

Get The Message! – Nevena Spirovska – November 28th

Pride and Prejudice – Hana Assafiri – November 29th

Feeling Myself – Amrita Hepi – November 30th

Burn Bright, Not Out  – Rachel Service – December 1st


For further information please contact Sally or Savannah at


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