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Indecent Fascinations

byKat Phillimore

Indecent Fascinations – A solo exhibition by Kat Phillimore

These recent works come from a fragmented dream space, produced over the past 6 months of living in a state of flux.

These images were conceived in a nebulous place between the dying gasps of an ‘indecent fascination’ unhealthy cyclical relationship and leaving a routine of dissatisfactory stale monotony. These images are a moment of pause, a contemplation within the confusion of life.

Amber tones that illuminate overcast scapes, give rise to a heightened reality. The distorted tones and exaggerated features within these paintings attempts to reflect the internal grappling of the psyche, set against out of focus landscapes and imaginings.

The works represent interpretations of surroundings both externally and internally. Each of the pieces is an observation of reactions to the unfathomable and unavoidable nature of us. Seekers of intimacy and users of pleasure, both hedonistic stubborn gluttons for punishment stuck in a vortex of self-destruction.

“When it rains it pours. When the going gets tough. When the sun comes up. When you go home alone. Decadence of living on the edges of reality, illuminating all its abject beauty. Making no money versus making too much. The relative strength and delicacy of relationships when faced with the unknown explanations for actions. Whether we bend or are bent in the manipulation of love. Saving face in a place where no one really cares. Evoking the memories of sensual encounters whilst waiting for the morning coffee to brew. Laughing hysterically with a painful hangover as a meal is shared with mates. Peeling off the couch from a long and thorough discussion. A long walk up a steep mountain over a short ride to the shops. The intention of the art is not to move the viewer in any particular way, it is simply drawing their attentions to magnificence of the ordinary if they choose to see things that way; as I’m not a realtor trying to sell a bad house on a good street.” – Phillimore

Exhibition runs from 11th August – 23rd August, 2016

Opening Night: Thursday 11th August, 6pm – 8pm

Beer and Wine: $5


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