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I.P.F 2016: Radio Bemba

byGina Nero

Gina Nero

Radio Bemba

Sun 13 Nov, 4:00PM – 6:00PM

After residing in the US for three years, Gina Nero has returned home to Melbourne with her latest project, Radio Bemba – a series of images exploring the vibrant and seductive preeminent heart of Latin America’s most politically estranged nation from the West.

The streets are lively, flurrying with the sounds of flirtatious laughter, sensual dancing and the distinctive sound of domino fichas sliding across table tops. While technologically isolated, Cubans are a resourceful and ingenious people capable of fashioning new parts from old scrap metal, emblematic of their spirit of making do with what they have.

Radio Bemba celebrates the colours that make Cuban culture so unique and important to the history of America Latina.

This exhibition was awarded to Gina as the recipient of the Judge’s Panel 1st Place Prize at the IPF Photo Prize 2015.

This exhibition is presented with support from Junior Space, Thirds, Canson Infinity, United Measures,The Heavy Collective, Vice, Bacardi and Brooklyn Brewery.

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