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Fields [Visual]

byJerome Whitcroft

“The known myths of antiquity are the eternal symbols on which we must fall back to express basic psychological ideas. They are the symbols of man’s primitive fears and motivations‚ changing only in detail but never in substance‚ be they Greek‚ Aztec‚ Icelandic or Egyptian. And our modern psychology finds them persisting still in our dreams‚ our vernacular and our art‚ for all the changes in the outward conditions of life‚ the myth holds us because it expresses the real within.” Mark Rothko 1943

This exhibition is a series of ten works inspired by Kurt Koffka’s, Principles of Gestalt Psychology (1935).

His fascinating work explores the anomalies of the “Realists” theories which presume that stimulation from “external” visual fields is primary.

Koffka’s paradigm is that one’s experience is thought-based which precedes perception and sensation. Cognitive experience creates the appearance of apparently external visual “fields”.

Jerome Whitcroft is an artist fascinated with Abstract Expressionism; its art, its history, its characters and its psychological and philosophical foundations. He is based in Melbourne, Australia, but also travels to Greece and the USA to work on art and cultural interests.

Fields [Visual] ran from July 14th – July 26th.


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