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Daily Positions

byJackson McLaren

Daily Positions: Recent Paintings by Jackson McLaren

“Each day is more or less the same. I go running, drink a plunger full of coffee and then take my push bike down to my studio in Preston. I try to paint every day to keep the momentum up. I am inspired by the landscape around me and try to make that resonate with my inner world.” – McLaren

Using layer upon layer of acrylic paint, shapes and colours begin to inform McLaren’s work. In a playful and intuitive way he lets the changes happen, while constantly evaluating what to keep and what to throw away.

“Always searching, always looking, trying to make the work ‘sing!’” -McLaren

25th January, 2017
6-8 pm

Exhibition Dates:
25th Jan – 7th Feb

Junior Space
65 Smith St, Fitzroy

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