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CHILL is a photographic exhibition by Melbourne based artist Gabrielle Hall-Lomax.

Gabrielle Hall-Lomax practices mindfulness through the photographic form to create an enhanced appreciation of her everyday and immediate surroundings. Hall-Lomax employs the camera as a tool to simplify – rather than dramatise – to reveal the beauty in the ordinary.

In her exhibition CHILL she composes each photograph the same way, with both natural and built environments presented seamlessly next to one another. This introduces a dialogue on “seeing” and our personal perception of the world, and the role the camera has to play in how we interpret what we are looking at.

“In my practice I am interested in the ability of the camera to interpret the world in an infinite number of ways depending on how the photographer chooses to frame a scene. In particular, the nature of vision and the difference between the reality of an experience and how a camera records,” says Hall-Lomax.

The repetition of consistent cropping and framing also allows us to see the fundamental makeup of each of Hall-Lomax’s photographs. Each image is simplified as line, angle, light and shadow. These aesthetic qualities are purposefully emphasised to evoke a certain sense of calm and serenity.

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