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Campbell Charlotte is an emerging Melbourne label which investigates the relationship between printed textiles, the textures of natural fibre and minimal silhouettes. The studio explores how a garment may alter overtime, embracing the softening and creasing of fabric– allowing each piece to grow with the wearer and assume its own identity. This October, Campbell Charlotte will be exhibiting a pop up concept space, ‘Belonging” at Junior Space in Fitzroy.
The wearable component of Belonging will be presented amongst functional and decorative ceramics with the purpose of creating intimate value and adding sentiment to our possessions– to consider the everyday object or outfit as a potential art object.
Printed pieces will be created to align with the imagery featured in the artist’s book, whilst plain pieces will be created to showcase the importance of their tailoring, drape and material. The work will act to encourage the audience to accept their clothing for more than a disposable possession with wear once appeal and rather a carrier of memories and identity.
This collection will be available to purchase through the label’s online store during the course of the pop up.


Images by Lillie Thompson

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