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Complete Me

byAnnie Gobel


Having childhood experiences as a central subject in her practice, Annie Gobel expands her exploration through responding to a specific experience, that is, making friends. Being lonely was undesirable as it made her feel incomplete. While building friendships can be done in many ways, Annie’s early interest in art and craft making was one way.

Complete Me displays the results of Annie’s collaboration with artists including a mixed media artist Louise Meuwissen, an interdisciplinary artist Freya Black, textile artists John Brooks, jewellery artists Marcos Guzman, Nell Grant and Bianca Mavrick, and jeweller/object artist Ruby Aitchison. As a metaphor of building a friendship, Annie has asked them to complete her component works by embedding their artistic touch into it. Each of them has a specific method of making, and repertoire of materials and techniques, but this collaboration ask them to consider how they can include an element of otherness into their own. Through this methodology, a series of unified works is formed. They appear as one, although they have been amalgamated with different personalities.

A series of Annie’s ‘incomplete’ components is also displayed for the audience to quickly complete and join to exhibit on site.


Print       Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 9.18.49 am


Annie Gobel is an Indonesian artist based in Melbourne since 2004. In 2013, she completed her Honours degree in Fine Art, having specialised in Object Based Practice. Upon graduating she was selected as a finalist of Craft’s annual Fresh! Graduate Show and was awarded the one year Maggie Fairweather Residency from RMIT University.

After participating in a number of shows for the past three years, she finally had her first Australian solo exhibition called Edge In in Sydney. It was held earlier this year and was curated by Mikala Tai from 4A gallery in collaboration with the Australian Design Centre.

Throughout her practice, she has been making and participating in the contemporary art jewellery field. The idea that is embedded into her work revolves around reminiscing childhood times. She celebrates the joy of playtime by continually revisiting aspects that are related to it. Toys, art activities, and features of her drawings have influenced her decisions made through making, while blending an intuitive way of working – like a child. Her current works consist of small, geometric objects that have been informed by features of the toys themselves and her drawings that have distinctive bold, black lines that outline the forms and contain colour.



Progress work, 2017
mild steel, enamel, eggplant.
Photo was taken by Ruby Aitchison.

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